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Aids in the development and dissemination of IASCNAPA information to members, the media and the public.


Monitors and maintains membership while also planning and implementing activities to recruit new members. Additionally, establishes annual membership goals, solicits annual dues and coordinates membership-related activities with the treasurer.


Establishes standards for scholarships and procedures for selecting candidates for awards, then reviews scholarship applications and assigns awards yearly.  Scholarship awards are offered to persons with sickle cell disease that are attending an academic institution post high school.


Aims to provide evidence-based

information to individuals living with sickle cell, their families and health care providers in order to improve health outcomes.


Solicits nominations for new officers and board members from the membership, sends out ballots to active members, reviews bylaws and makes recommendations for revisions.

Membership Dues and Information:

$50 per year (cash or check)

$52 per year (Visa or Mastercard)

Dues may be paid online via the PayPal link on the submission form, or mailed to:



c/o Coretta Jenerette

1601 Greene Street

Columbia, SC 29206

What members are Saying

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yvonne carroll

"I love IASCNAPA!"
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